Received unofficial product policy

Pro tips: Record close up *shrink line* all sides slowly and *bar code sticker*.

  • You will need to send us a raw video proof of you opening the product from our unopened shipping label package. The video should continue recording showing the whole process, from the start of opening the package to opening the product with no edit. If the camera is blocked or blacked out during this whole process, the evidence or proof will not be accepted. 
  • During unboxing product, please record close up shrink line all sides slowly and bar code sticker, shrink line and bar code sticker should be exactly same when you recorded the first step.
  • If you are uncertain whether it real or fake plastic shrink, do not open!
  • If you see glue mark or suspicious that it has been tampered, do not open! Consult with us first!
  • If you a shop owner or re-seller, inform customer to record too!