Pokemon non plastic wrap policy

Is no shrink box authentic? 

  • Many retail stores in Japan remove plastic shrink wrap before selling to customer to prevent scapler. 
  • There are cases of people tampered with it but please rest assured at MEGA ENJOY shop, we have purchase license from police law enforcement. All information of re-sellers that sell to us at MEGA ENJOY are saved into the system. 

How to get refund if item inside no shrink box is totally different?

Pro tips: Do not remove sticker label code on the product, we can track route of origin source.

  • Please send us a video or photo of product with sticker label code attached, explain why you think product is tampered. *sticker label is usually back of the product*
  • If you are uncertain whether it real or fake plastic shrink, do not open!
  • If you see glue mark or suspicious that it has been tampered, do not open! Consult with us first!
  • If you a shop owner or re-seller, inform customer to record too!

    You can send the video proof to our Facebook messenger or e-mail,
    Mega Enjoy TCG | Facebook
    E-mail: info@mega-enjoy.com

We accept full refund if inside the box contain different kind of packs or the probability hit rate is totally off the chart.